When your vehicle is in alignment, it not only drives straight but also enhances your safety, improves driving control, increases fuel efficiency and maximizes tire life. There are several reason why a vehicle goes out of alignment these included running over objects, hitting potholes, worn suspension components and collisions. Some of the signs that your vehicle is out of alignment are:

  • Crooked steering wheel,
  • Vehicle pulling right or left while driving,
  • Unevenly worn tires, and steering wheel vibration.

At Cooper Pit Stop we use the state of the art Hunter Hawkeye Elite® Laser Alignment machine to align your vehicle back to the manufacturer specifications. Our certified alignment technicians make all the necessary camber, caster and toe adjustments to ensure your vehicle is within manufacturer recommended specifications. The alignment services we offer include

  • Two Wheel Alignments,
  • Four Wheel Alignments (for vehicles with an adjustable rear suspension).
  • After market alignment kit installations and adjustments,
  • Lowered or Raised vehicle alignments, and
  • EPS and ESC resets.


Every alignment includes two test drives (pre and post alignment) and a thorough inspection of all your steering and suspension components by one of our certified alignment technicians. Cooper Pit Stop also has a Master Certified Alignment technician available for advanced level diagnosis for vehicles with hidden alignment issues.

Call us at 817-275-4773 to schedule your alignment today.