Performance Engine Builds

Have you felt the need for more speed? Do you think your ride needs a little more pep? Here are some of the signs that you need a faster car

  • Your 0-60 speed is forever
  • Priuses leave you eating their dust.
  • You have tickets for going too slow in a school zone.
  • Grandma’s honk at you for going too slow

At Cooper Pit Stop our technicians have been doing performance modifications since they were old enough to own a car. Fast cars are a labor of love and Cooper Pit Stop offers custom performance modifications to suit all price ranges. Some of the performance modifications we offer are

  • High Compression Pistons,
  • Low Compression Pistons for Boost Supercharged
  • Turbo Charged Applications
  • Nitrous Installs
  • Forged Rods
  • Forged Crankshafts
  • Engine Rebuilds


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