Suspension & Steering

The steering and suspension system in your vehicle is extremely important as it helps you maneuver your vehicle, support weight, absorbs shocks and helps maintain tire contact. When the steering and suspension system in your vehicle goes bad it has a negative effect on the safety, ride comfort and handling of the vehicle. At Cooper Pit Stop, we offer a whole range of steering and suspension repairs. Some of the signs that you may have a problem with your car’s steering and suspension system are

  • A harsh, noisy and bumpy ride
  • Excessive bouncing and noise while going over bumps
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Hard steering wheel
  • Squeaking sound from wheel area
  • Uneven tire wear and
  • Loud suspension noises while braking

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms then come in to Cooper Pit Stop for a steering and suspension system inspection. During our inspection, we will evaluate your vehicles steering and suspension components so we can make the necessary service and maintenance recommendations. Our steering and suspension services include repair, service and maintenance on major and minor system components such as

  • Power Steering Pumps
  • Power Steering Hoses
  • Rack and Pinion/Steering Gear
  • Idler and Pitman Arms
  • Inner and Outer Tie Rod Ends
  • Upper and Lower Control Arms
  • Upper and Lower Ball Joints
  • Shocks and Springs
  • Strut Mounts
  • Sway Bar/Stabilizer, Links and Bushing
  • After Market Suspension Kits (to Raise or Lower Vehicle)


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